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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"


Courses, seminars, trainings offered by the Ukrainian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education are informative educational activities. Each course is a successful combination of unique content and proven practice. During training, each cadet delves into the intellectual sphere, which has a positive effect on his professional development and contribution to the profession.


To develop each department model, the following approaches were selected:

  • study of fundamental disciplines;
  • knowledge of the psychology of the modern patient;
  • possession of digital resources;
  • development and implementation of a strategy for creating a brand of a modern doctor;
  • sorting leaders in medicine and the ability to combine their own and global scientific research.


A cadet who is studying at UMA receives:

  • state-recognized certificate, approved by the Ministry of Health, about training;
  • accrual of points for advanced training in accordance with the type of training.


  1. Granting the qualification “specialist doctor” of the relevant medical specialty 

    Number of points:  – 50 points per year the qualification was awarded in Ukraine (100 points – if the qualification is awarded in other countries). A certificate or diploma is provided for confirmation.

  2. Obtaining educational, scientific and scientific levels of higher education in the field of knowledge “Health” (Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science)

Number of points:

– 50 points per year of defense in Ukraine and 100 * points – for defense in other countries. 

For confirmation, you must provide a diploma.


  1. TU cycles in educational institutions, including mixed (daytime and distance) forms of education

    Number of points:
    – 25 points – 1 week of training
    – 50 points – from 2 weeks

    For confirmation, the physician provides a certificate or certificate.

  2. Internship in a higher education institution / health care institution outside the institution where the specialist works (in Ukraine)

Number of points:
– 5 points / day (no limit to the annual minimum), for internship abroad
– 3 points / day (no more than 25 points per year to the annual minimum of 50 points), for internship in Ukraine

To confirm the activities in Ukraine, the doctor must provide business trips and a copy of the order for admission to the internship. To confirm events in other countries – a certificate or diploma with an internship program.


  1. Scientific and practical conferences, congresses, symposia

    Number of points in Ukraine:
    – 5 points / 1 day
    – 10 points / more than 2 days
    – 20 points – poster presentation
    – 30 points – oral presentation

    Number of points abroad  
    – 10 points / 1 day  – 20 points / more than 2 days  – 50 points – poster presentation  – 70 points – oral presentation  Participation in the event must be confirmed by a certificate or diploma of participation. The report is confirmed by the program of the event and / or publication in the materials of the event. 

  2. Professional development in distance learning using electronic learning resources

    The number of points for Ukrainian language courses:
    – 1 point – 2 hours. (no more than 15 points at the annual minimum)

    The number of points for English-language courses:
    – in accordance with the number of points in the certificate (no more than 20 points at the annual minimum)

    For confirmation, the doctor must provide a certificate.

  3. Training at simulation trainings or trainings to acquire practical skills, including during scientific and practical conferences, symposia, congresses, congresses

    The number of points in Ukraine:
    – 15 points – 1 day
    – 25 points – higher. 2 days

    Points abroad
    – 20 points – 1 day – 30 points – 3 days 

    In confirmation, the doctor must provide a certificate or diploma.

  4. Thematic training (vocational schools, seminars, master classes, etc.) 

    The number of points in   Ukraine:
    – 10 points – 1 day
    – 20 points – from 2 days

    Number of points abroad
    – 15 points – 1 day
    – 25 points – from 2 days

    To confirm participation, the doctor must provide a certificate or diploma.

  5. Publication of an article or review in a journal with an impact factor 

    Number of points:
    – 20 points – in Ukraine
    – 30 points – abroad

    A bibliographic reference is provided as confirmation.


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