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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"


The academy has dormitories in operational ownership – these are complexes with household services, production facilities. The dormitories of the Academy are designed for self-catering accommodation. Persons who are accommodated in dormitories must know and strictly adhere to the “Rules of Procedure in Dormitories” and the terms of the Contract for the right of residence of persons in dormitories. The APE MOH “UMA” in matters of providing access to accommodation in dormitories, is guided by the provisions of the Housing Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On education”, Orders of the Ministry of Health “On some issues of continuing professional development of doctors”, “On certification of junior specialists with medical education”, Decrees of the President of Ukraine “On measures to reform the system of training and employment of graduates of higher educational institutions”, sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the organization of accommodation, equipment, and maintenance of dormitories for students and the Statute of the Academy.

They are provided for residence for the period of study of citizens and out-of-town students of the Academy, scientific and pedagogical workers.

All living rooms and premises of dormitories meet sanitary and epidemiological norms and are provided with everything necessary and in the required quantity:

  • beds;
  • bed linen;
  • toilets and bathrooms;
  • kitchens;
  • wardrobes and boxes for the temporary storage of personal belongings.

Unauthorized persons, as well as other organizations and institutions, are not allowed to stay in the dormitory.

The territory of dormitories and all living rooms or utility rooms must be adapted following the rules of hygiene and improvement: properly cleaned, accessible adjacent territory, special places for storage of household equipment, proper maintenance of the complex.

Persons living in the dormitories of the Academy have the right to:

  • use of the provided living space, all furniture, and other inventory, as well as utilities;
  • timely replacement of furniture, bed linen, or other equipment that has broken, as well as the elimination of shortcomings in housing services.

Persons living in the dormitories of the Academy are obliged to:

  • strictly adhere to and comply with the requirements according to the procedure for living in dormitories, internal regulations, and fire safety;
  • ensure the integrity of living premises, treat carefully the sanitary and other equipment of the dormitories of the Academy;
  • maintain cleanliness and order in living premises and common areas;
  • timely pay for accommodation in dormitories;
  • compensate for the material damage caused to the dormitories.

The Academy, in turn, provides students with housing, enters into a rental agreement with each client, and fulfills all the terms of the contract in full. The Academy manages payments to customers, places them according to the terms of the agreement, and undertakes not to disclose information about customers that is confidential.

Accommodation is provided only upon presentation of a passport or other identity document required by applicable law. Upon settling in the dormitory, foreigners and persons accompanying them must present a valid visa to enter Ukraine. Each client living in the dormitory must inform the staff in advance of the date and time of moving from the room.

In case of damage to a person living in a dormitory, following the terms of the contract, the Academy assists in all possible measures, according to the applicable law, compensation for damage to the client who caused it.

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