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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"


The very powerful medical practical and scientific potential is concentrated on work in the laboratories of the APE MOH “UMA”. The Academy provides an opportunity to conduct research based on the private laboratories equipped with a modern property complex.

Laboratories that cooperate with the Academy, authorized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to conduct research, scientific-practical and methodological work with students, are located directly in Kyiv and have the appropriate equipment to perform research. There are computer laboratories, which are accessible to students of the Academy. They provide research in the field of a regulatory base for the organization of treatment of children and adults for infectious diseases at home (home care); regulatory base on the organization of anti-epidemic work of the family doctor-general practitioner; a healthy child; organization of family doctor’s work and outpatient therapeutic care.

The main qualitative and technical characteristics of laboratories:

  • high level of modern technical equipment;
  • professionalism of employees, their interest in the research process;
  • certification and accreditation, according to the world standards of laboratory processes;
  • recognition and confirmation of the quality of laboratories by international delegations and auditors from Europe and the world.

Every specialist adheres to the rules and established requirements in the laboratories, bears personal responsibility for carrying out laboratory researches, works, and reliability of the received results.

A positive tendency is that the number of clinical bases has been growing recently, in particular through privately owned health care facilities, which makes it possible to train students at a modern level. Technologies and techniques are used on modern medical equipment. Expanding the number of clinical bases in health care facilities provides an opportunity for doctors to conduct continuous training and increase the level of knowledge in various areas. 

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