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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

Master classes

For all students of the APE MOH “UMA” according to the decision made at the meeting of the Research and Project Group of the Academy, available master classes, thematic schools, congresses, symposia, simulation training, practical skills and other self-education activities using e-learning resources and other technical and communication assets.

Students of the Academy can find up-to-date information on the date and place of the master class on the official website of the APE MOH “UMA”, as well as get information on the subject of master classes, duration, cost of events.

Regarding the procedure for conducting master classes in the APE MOH “Ukrainian Medical Assembly”, it is necessary to begin with the fact that the master class is an informal method of training and informational lessons on mastering certain professional competencies or their components of medical-managemental, medical-lawful, medical-economical, medical-psychological, digital, pedagogical nature.

The conduction of master classes is included in the workload of the scientific and pedagogical employee of the Academy and is included in the Recommendations for planning and accounting of educational work of scientific and pedagogical workers of the APE MOH “UMA”, attached to the form of the Individual work plan of the scientific and pedagogical worker.

According to the order of organization of continuous professional training, various thematic schools, specialized training, and master classes can be held at scientific medical forums. In the case of these training activities, their program should be included as part of the program of the scientific medical forum.

In order to organize a master class, the following must be provided:

  • official placement of information about the upcoming master class / training / seminar on the website of the APE MOH “UMA”;
  • determine the day and duration of the master class and note about this event in the calendar of events;
  • outline the number of participants who can take part in the master class and announce the order of registration for the event;
  • announce the cost or emphasize free participation in the event.

To determine the compliance of the planned event with the requirements of the master class, as well as to ensure the use of modern protocols approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the prescribed manner, and medical standards, meetings of departments consider plans drawn up by scientific and pedagogical staff indicating the possible holding of a master class and its topics.

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