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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

International activity

International cooperation is one of the most significant activities of the APE MOH “UMA”. This type of activity contributes to solving the main tasks of training profoundly experienced specialists and developing priority areas of medical research, providing highly qualified medical care.

The main doctrine of activity in the direction of international cooperation is to expand the presence of the Academy in national and international training programs for specialists with higher education. The APE MOH “Ukrainian Medical Assembly” as an institution of postgraduate education in Ukraine conducts active international activities aimed at ensuring high competitiveness in foreign and domestic markets of educational services.

International activity in the APE MOH “UMA” is determined by the requirements for continuous professional development in the field of medical education at the present stage, considering the ongoing reforms of education and the exchange of world experience.

International activities are focused on:

1) stimulating the exchange of modern knowledge and technologies;

2) development of innovative forms of medical education, science and health care based on the study of international experience;

3) intensification of multilateral mobility of students and teachers;

4) integration into the emerging European educational space.

The Academy carries out international cooperation, concludes agreements on cooperation, establishes direct relations with higher educational institutions of foreign countries, international organizations, foundations, according to the law.

In the framework of international cooperation, the Academy holds the following events:

– organization of international conferences, symposia, congresses, and other events;

– participation in international educational and scientific programs;

– joint publishing activities;

– provision of services related to postgraduate education to foreign citizens in Ukraine;

– creation of joint educational and scientific programs with foreign higher educational institutions, scientific institutions, organizations.

The APE MOH “UMA” carries out programs of academic mobility based on the conclusion of agreements with foreign educational institutions on scientific and educational cooperation:

  • lecturing in the process of conducting cycles of general and thematic improvement;
  • regular conduction of interactive seminars.

The teaching staff of the APE MOH “UMA” is represented by specialists of international level, scientific works, developments, and skills of whom are widely disseminated among theorists and practitioners of modern medicine in the world.

The main functions of the Department of International Relations and Work with Foreign Citizens are as follows:

  • Organization of international cooperation of the Academy with foreign educational, scientific and healthcare institutions, accounting and reporting in this direction.
  • Coordination of work on the cooperation of the APE MOH “UMA” with other foreign Medical universities and postgraduate education institutions within the framework of international grant programs.
  • Expansion of new foreign partnerships and the signing of international cooperation agreements.
  • Keeping records and monitoring the implementation of international agreements.
  • Conducting business correspondence with partners on international cooperation, as well as oral and written negotiations on planned activities.
  • Work with documentation, execution, translation, and registration of incoming and outgoing documents sent abroad.
  • Cooperation with embassies and other foreign missions on science, education, and the development of international partnerships between countries in these areas.
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation and providing answers to inquiries from the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, embassies and other official missions of foreign countries in Ukraine, in order to confirm the authenticity (legalization) of educational documents.
  • Organizational events for the English-language form of education aimed at improving the teaching of subjects to foreign students in English: preparation of monthly reports on the number of hours conducted by teachers and control of certificates confirming the level of English language proficiency of teachers.

Another aspect of the international activity of the Academy is the implementation of scientific work with international participation, exchange of experience of scientists in various fields of medicine and medical schools on the example:

– organization and conduction of international scientific, scientific-practical conferences, symposia, and seminars with international participation on the most pressing problems of medicine. – implementation of scientific work with international participation, design, and publication of abstracts of scientific works by both scientific and pedagogical staff and students of the Academy and presentation of such works at the local, regional, All-Ukrainian and international levels.

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