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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

The main directions of scientific activity

The task of the APE MOH “UMA” is the continuous development of the Academy as a competitive institution of professional development at the European level in all its scientific activities with the preservation of stable democratic traditions, a cult of knowledge and science, academic freedoms, an atmosphere of creativity, openness, free will and self-improvement.

The strategic goals of scientific activity at the Academy are the introduction of new and improvement of existing forms, methods and technologies of postgraduate education in relevant scientific fields, development of medicine and pharmacy in cooperation with academic science, business, government. The normative basis of scientific activity of the APE MOH “UMA” are the Laws of Ukraine “On education”, “On scientific and scientific and technical activity”, “On priority directions of development of science and technology”, “On scientific and scientific and technical examination”, “On the state regulation of activities in the field of technology transfer”, other state legal acts and the Statute of the Academy.

The main and priority areas of scientific activity of the Academy are the following:

1. Conducting research on the development and implementation of highly effective medical technologies;

2. Substantiation of the need to develop regulatory and legal support for health care and its correlation with international regulations;

3. Research work related to the improvement of forms and methods of organizing the provision of medical care to the population;

4. Development and research of the standardization of health care in Ukraine and abroad, substantiation and creation of standards of medical technologies, as well as state social standards in health care;

5. Creation and implementation of the latest international protocols and technologies for disease prevention and treatment;

6. Scientific proposals for the implementation of standards and technologies for the introduction of a healthy lifestyle, technologies to improve the quality and safety of food, the basics of nutrition and food hygiene;

7. Development of proposals for the latest drugs, scientific development of technology and methods of quality control of medicines;

8. Information and analytical support of scientific and scientific-technical activities and distance learning.

The implementation of the results of the research institute is monitored at the Academy. According to the results of scientists’ research, scientific works are traditionally published, in particular, in foreign scientific professional journals, which present the results of research in the international scientific arena.

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