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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

Organization of training of foreigners

One of the areas of international cooperation in the APE MOH “UMA” is the provision of educational services related to obtaining postgraduate education for foreign citizens in Ukraine.

The organization of the educational process for foreigners at the Academy is built according to the following legal framework: Laws of Ukraine “On education”, “On scientific and scientific-technical activities”, “On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons” (as amended) , “On foreign Ukrainians”, “On personal data protection”, international treaties of Ukraine concluded in the manner prescribed by law, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of September 12, 2018 № 729 “Issues of higher education for certain categories of persons” (as amended), February 15, 2012 № 150 “On approval of the Procedure for extension of residence and extension or reduction of temporary residence of foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of Ukraine”, from September 11, 2013 № 684 “Some issues of enrollment of foreigners and stateless persons”, of August 19, 2015 № 634 “On approval of the Standard agreement on the provision of educational services between higher education institution and an individual (legal entity)”, Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of November 01, 2013 № 1541 “Some issues of organization of enrollment and training (internship) of foreigners and stateless persons”, Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of February 22, 2019 № 446 “Some issues of continuous professional development of doctors”, and other orders of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on higher education and training of foreigners and stateless persons, the Statute of APE MOH “Ukrainian Medical Assembly” and the relevant Regulation on the training of foreigners and stateless persons in the Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Health “Ukrainian Medical Assembly”.

Training of foreigners

The organization of training of foreigners at the Academy takes place in full-time, part-time and distance learning. The entire educational process for foreign students is carried out in Ukrainian and English at the student’s choice. Some courses may be taught in other languages ​​if requested and documented by written consent. Periods of study of foreign students are determined by the Academy according to the duration of educational programs and include the period required for admission and official certification of documents received after graduation.

Foreign students of the Academy are guaranteed the rights and freedoms provided by the current legislation of Ukraine. They use educational premises, reading rooms and libraries, other complexes of the Academy on equal terms with the citizens of Ukraine.

Training of foreigners is carried out following the approved curricula and programs according to the individual plan and training schedule.

Documents on the education of foreigners, which were issued by educational institutions of other countries, are subject to the procedure of recognition in Ukraine (nostrification) according to the law.

Enrollment of foreign students

Foreigners who have a diploma of previously acquired educational and qualification level, regardless of their race, gender, language, and attitude to religion, are enrolled in the APE MOH “UMA”.

Enrollment is based on the results of the entrance exam (interview) and consideration of the submitted documents. Foreigners who enter the study are enrolled in the institution based on enrollment orders. To enter the Academy, a foreigner submits an application and the necessary documents in person or by e-mail.

The application includes:

1) a copy of the document on the previously obtained educational (educational-qualification) level and a supplement to it;

2) a copy of a passport or a document certifying a stateless person;

3) health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine;

4) 4 photos measuring 30 x 40 mm;

The documents mentioned above must be translated into Ukrainian with a notarized translation.

The Admissions Committee of the APE MOH “UMA” examines the documents submitted by a foreigner for compliance with the established requirements for admission, and issues invitations to study based on the copies of the foreigner’s passport, a document on the level of education, and written consent to processing of personal data.

An agreement on the provision of educational services is concluded with foreign students, which comes into force from the moment of issuance of the relevant order on enrollment, and determines the rights and obligations of the Academy on the one hand and the foreigner on the other, for the entire period of study, and also payment procedure for educational services.

Before passing the enrollment procedure, all foreigners must obtain a temporary residence permit for foreign citizens in Ukraine and submit it as soon as possible after enrollment in the Academy. Temporary residence permit confirms the legality of residence in Ukraine and the identity of a foreigner or stateless person. This document must be presented during migration and other inspections. The temporary residence permit is usually issued for the entire period of study. Also, the migration legislation of Ukraine does not allow a foreigner to get a job during the entire period of study.

Rights and obligations

Foreign students studying at the Academy have the right to:

  • to use the work-study, scientific, cultural base of the institution;
  • to receive all kinds of scientific information and advice on all issues related to education;
  • to have safe and harmless conditions of education and work;
  • to be provided with housing in a dormitory while studying at the Academy;
  • on other rights according to the current law.

Foreign students studying at the Academy must in due time:

  • complete an individual curriculum;
  • master modern methods of prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of diseases;
  • master the methods of conducting basic scientific and practical research;
  • master the necessary practical skills and professional skills in the relevant medical profession;
  • systematically report on the implementation of the individual training plan;
  • comply with the rules of internal labor regulations of the APE MOH “UMA”.

Foreign students who have successfully completed their studies and passed the exams according to the requirements of the educational and professional training program are assigned the appropriate educational level (qualification) and issued a state certificate.

A foreigner studying at the APE MOH “Ukrainian Medical Assembly” must personally monitor his documents and timely inform the dean’s office for work with foreigners about:

1) expiration of the residence permit (30 calendar days prior);

2) expiration of the passport (30 calendar days prior);

3) loss of or damage to a residence permit or passport.

In case of expiration of the passport, the foreigner must extend it or replace it with a new one and notify the dean’s office for work with foreigners.

In case of any changes in personal documents (passport, residence permit, etc.), entering new data, replacing the document, the foreigner must submit a copy of this document, as well as its certified translation at the request of the Academy.