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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

Media of the Academy

The media of the Academy operate based on of the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine “On information”, “On protection of information in information and telecommunication systems”, “On state secret”, “On copyright and related rights”, Decree of the President of Ukraine of July 31, 2000, № 928/2000 “On measures to develop the national component of the global information network Internet and ensure wide access to this network in Ukraine”.

According to the Statute of the APE MOH “UMA”, the Academy regularly conducts scientific and practical conferences, both national and international levels. Popular science discoveries in the medical field are published in the collections of scientific papers. Thus, the Academy attracts the attention of young medical scientists and promotes science in Ukraine.

An integral part of the educational process and international cooperation is holding of international conferences, workshops, symposia, round tables, summits, and more based on the Academy.

We publish all scientific materials and achievements, as they are recognized and in demand by public associations, medical associations, international medical institutions, and charitable foundations. You can get acquainted in detail with the list of such associations following the link: http://medforum.in.ua/partnery-meditsinskie-assotsiatsii-obshchestvennye obedineniya-i-organizatsii/page/4/.

The official source of public information of the Academy is also the “Information and Analytical Journal”, which aims to inform students, teachers, and specialists of the Academy about all the novelties of the educational and scientific process, as well as the achievements of specialists in the medical field.

Our official website is the main source of information about the events of the Academy. We inform about future scientific events, current events in the medical field in Ukraine and the world, provide detailed information on the conditions of study of Ukrainian citizens and foreigners, as well as rules of living in dormitories of the Academy, rules of use of laboratories and library of the APE MOH “UMA”. Our official website operates based on the relevant Regulations “On the website of the APE MOH “UMA”, according to which the main tasks of the site are:

  • Publication of information about the enrollment procedure in the Academy.
  • Popularization of postgraduate education in Ukraine and involvement of doctors for training cycles in the APE MOH “UMA”.
  • Providing information on the structure, activities and staff of the APE MOH “UMA”.
  • Providing effective feedback to people who are interested in the activities of the Academy and want to study or participate in scientific and practical events and conferences.
  • Timely informing about news in the field of medicine and its separate branches.

Also, our official website covers news and events not only in Ukraine and the world but also local events that take place at the APE MOH “UMA”. We provide information about the news of structural units of the Academy, departments, divisions, etc. Specialists update information on normative documentation, internal constituent documents (Statute, Regulations), information on enrollment and training, etc. on time.

We are an example of the implementation of the concept of continuing professional development in the structure of postgraduate education in Ukraine, so stay on our site and learn more useful information.

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