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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

Material and technical support

Management of the activities and organizational structure of the Academy is carried out on the principles of autonomy and self-government, the democratization of decision-making. The material and technical base of the Academy has 3 educational buildings in the city of Kyiv. Thus, in the operational management of the institution, there are educational premises, premises for scientific and pedagogical workers, computer laboratories, office premises, libraries. Each of the buildings is equipped with parking spaces; there is also special equipment for people with disabilities.

Training rooms and classrooms. Training at the departments is conducted according to the latest methods in the classrooms with the most up-to-date equipment. There are computer classes and laboratories at the departments fitted with modern computer and organizational equipment. Students have the opportunity to work in local computer networks and the World Wide Web. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia devices and computer technique, which provides highly effective teaching following the European requirements for the quality of educational services. Training rooms (lecture theaters and classrooms for seminars), students’ workplaces are furnished with the necessary equipment that meets the requirements of the provisions of the rules of technical operation.

Premises for research and teaching staff. Workplaces are provided with all the necessary licensed software. Computer equipment, office equipment, electronic equipment is in the operational ownership of the Academy and meets the conditions of technical operation. Computer software is licensed and updated systematically. The Academy has created conditions for meeting educational and professional needs, continuous improvement of education, raising the professional level of teachers.

Library. The library of the Academy is an informational and educational, cultural, and educational structural subdivision with universal funds of documents, which promotes the introduction of advanced educational technologies, creation of conditions for effective scientific work, and organization of the educational process. Students and scientific and pedagogical staff of the Academy are provided with resources and funds due to the signing of a cooperation agreement with the National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine (NNMBU), which is the main medical library of the country and scientific and methodological center of 448 medical libraries chain.The main funds of the Library consist of printed publications of various types and kinds (books, periodicals, continuing publications, dissertations and abstracts of dissertations, etc.), as well as audio-visual materials. As of January 01, 2019, the general fund of the NNMBU has 581,545 titles / 1,615,542 copies of publications. The system of funds consists of main, specialized, and depository, represented through an electronic catalog and card catalogs. Students and research and teaching staff of the Academy have access to reading rooms, computer rooms, and international databases (Scopus and Web of Science).

Laboratories and classrooms for seminars. The private institution has the opportunity to provide students and research and teaching staff of the Academy with the best laboratories with modernized, according to today’s realities, equipment, and laboratory inventory. Seminars include a part of the material that should be worked out using methodological approaches of practical activity. Thus, the Academy conducts seminars based on private laboratories equipped with a vast property complex.

Dormitories. Taking into account the needs of students and research and teaching staff, the Academy provides accommodation in dormitories. As of today, the Academy has three dormitories in operational ownership – these are complexes with household services, production facilities.

They are provided for accommodation for the period of study of citizens and out-of-town students of the Academy, scientific and pedagogical workers. The dormitories of the Academy are designed for self-service accommodation. Persons who are accommodated in dormitories must know and strictly adhere to the “Rules of Procedure in Dormitories” and the terms of the Contract for the right of residence of persons in dormitories. In addition, the Academy has concluded cooperation agreements with ministries, departments, organizations, and enterprises.

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