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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

Licensing and patent work

Licensing and patent work at the Academy is carried out according to the legislation of Ukraine, namely: The Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine “On education”, “On protection of rights to inventions and utility models”, “On protection of rights to industrial designs”, “On protection rights to marks for goods and services” and other regulations and bylaws on licensing and patent work. All work performed in the framework of scientific or scientific-technical research based on the Academy, related to intellectual property issues, is performed in compliance with the rules of confidentiality. The Academy is the owner of intellectual property rights if the works are published under the auspices and based on the Academy.

The main tasks of licensing and patent work in the APE MOH “UMA” are to provide such work and guarantees at a high competitive level, and analysis of the work performed, and promotion of research technologies in the Academy, providing suggestions and practical recommendations for its improvement.

The main functional aspects of licensing and patent work in the APE MOH “UMA” should include:

– control and support of developers of scientific and technical proposals;

– methodical assistance in compiling by the authors of the description of the invention and other documents required for the application for the invention;

– monitoring compliance with all legal requirements for prepared materials;

– acceptance of applications for inventions, their transfer to professional examination and their accounting;

– control over the payment of the State patent, namely special fees for the protection of rights on inventions;

– advising each researcher on patent issues and further activities in the field of inventions;

– carrying out methodical work and assistance to administrators of the provision, based on the patent information researches, patent transparency of the developed objects of science, and separate technologies;

– monitoring of agreements on registration of technology transfer;

– preparation of draft agreements on technology transfer.

Employees and specialists of the Academy are responsible for the timely and quality performance of the tasks assigned to them in licensing and patent work. They adhere to the requirements of the legislation and compliance with the developments of the State Standard of Ukraine. They provide complete and reliable information on the conduct and transparency of the Academy’s activities in conducting licensing and patent work.

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