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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

Continuous professional development

The organization and operation of continuous professional development of health care professionals in the APE MOH “UMA” are provided according to the Law of Ukraine “On education”, Regulations on the system of continuous professional development of health care professionals, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 28, 2018, № 302, as amended according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 21, 2019, № 798, Procedure for attestation of doctors, approved by order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of February 22, 2019, № 446, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on March 25, 2019, on № 293/33264.

Continuing professional development is a modern system of training for doctors in Ukraine, thanks to which specialists in the field of medicine can continuously improve their knowledge, skills and receive appropriate scores for certification activities. This approach to the professional development of doctors began to operate in Ukraine in 2019 based on the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of February 22, 2019 № 446 entitled “Some issues of continuous professional development of doctors” (https://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/z0293-19). Now, doctors have the opportunity not to formally, but actually improve their competencies and skills. Information on successes will be entered in the form of points in the so-called educational portfolio.

Continuing professional development in the APE MOH “Ukrainian Medical Assembly” includes: cycles of specializations and thematic improvement; seminars, symposia, conferences, master classes; internship training.

  1. Activities to improve knowledge and skills are represented by cycles of specializations and thematic improvement. They can take place both directly on the site of the educational institution and remotely. Such activities are carried out according to educational programs and end with the receipt of a certificate of completion of the course with the appropriate number of points.
  2. Intramural form of study includes seminars, symposia, conferences, conference workshops, congresses, conventions. This form of learning is defined as one where there is communication between teacher and student. It is also an activity that is related to the professional, community, volunteer, or other activities of the student.
  3. Education obtained through educational programs following the statutory levels of education, fields of knowledge, specialties (professions) is presented as an internship and, in turn, involves students achieving learning outcomes, an appropriate level of education and qualifications determined by the country.

Continuing professional development is carried out in the form of full-time (day, evening) mode and distance learning mode. Forms can be combined. Education at the Academy takes place according to the individual schedules.

According to the new continuing professional development system, doctors must improve their skills and score a minimum of 50 points each year. A set of 50 continuing professional development points is mandatory from January 01, 2020. This number must be obtained throughout the working calendar year, and even if the doctor has several specialties, he still needs only 50 points for certification. If a person’s performance exceeds the mark of 50 points, then he is entitled to the early receipt of the highest category in medicine.

The continuing professional development system in the APE MOH “UMA” provides the opportunity to take courses in both Ukrainian and English. In turn, the “Annex 5” (https://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/z0293-19) to the Order of the Ministry of Health № 446 does not provide any restrictions on the addition of points for English or Ukrainian courses.

In order to get points, students of the Academy must participate in activities that coincide with the specific interests of doctors. Attendance of these events is reflected by trainees in the educational portfolio. The plan and program of each event are developed by the relevant department of the Faculty of Continuing Professional Development of the APE MOH “UMA” following the educational needs of the target audience and the prospects of the practical application of knowledge and skills acquired during training. The plan and program are considered and approved at the meeting of the relevant department and then submitted for consideration to the Research and Project Group of the APE MOH “UMA”.

The procedure for maintaining and accounting of the educational portfolio is regulated by the above-mentioned “Annex 5” and certified by the head of the institution of each doctor. The annual review of personal educational portfolios is planned from 2021. Therefore, by March 01, 2021, it will be necessary to send a portfolio for 2020.

“A personal educational portfolio, with the results of continuous professional development, is created by an employee. The points are recorded by the employee and certified by the employer at the place of work in the period of which the points are calculated”. – as specified in Part 2 of Section V “Procedure for calculating points of continuous professional development and conducting their annual review” of the Order of the Ministry of Health № 446.

The form of the document confirming participation in the event of continuous professional development is determined by the APE MOH “UMA” and should contain: information about the name of the event per “Annex 5” (https://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/z0293-19) procedure for certification of doctors, venue, duration, name, organizer of the event and his contact data, unique registration number of the document on participation in the event and surname, name, patronymic of the doctor who receives such a document.

The whole procedure of passing the certification is enshrined in the mentioned Order and stipulates that any certification takes place by the decision of the certification commission. It is possible to appeal against the actions or inaction of this commission only through the court because such a procedure as an appeal to the commission is not provided, because decisions on assigning a category are made based on the documents submitted by a doctor, namely:

  • written application;
  • copy of the diploma of education, employment book, specialist certificate and certificate of qualification category;
  • certification sheet;
  • personal educational portfolio with continuing professional development results;
  • copies of documents confirming the calculated continuing professional development scores.

A specialist who has intentionally provided inaccurate data on the course of his continuous professional development will be denied certification.

If the doctor has relevant experience, demonstrates various activities in the educational portfolio, and significantly (three times or more) exceeds the minimum requirements for the number of points of continuous professional development per year, the certification commission may decide to assign a higher category to such an employee.

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