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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"

Conferences, symposia

In its scientific and practical activities, the Academy is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, Decrees of the President of Ukraine and Resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine “On education”, “On scientific and scientific and technical activity”, “On scientific and scientific-technical examination”, “On state regulation of activities in the field of technology transfer”, orders of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, other regulations of Ukraine in the field of education and science, the Statute of the APE MOH “UMA” as an internal constituent document.

In order to implement the academic mobility program, teachers, staff, students of the Academy increase their scientific and professional level in foreign educational and scientific institutions in the form of participation in international scientific conferences and symposia, master classes in medicine, and modern methods of improving medical practice.

This position is also one of the main aspects of international cooperation of the APE MOH “UMA”, as the Academy not only sends its delegates to participate in conferences but also holds similar events in Kyiv. Such activities are an example of scientific work with international participation, exchange of experience of scientists in various fields of medicine and medical schools, as well as an example of academic mobility and integrity.

The work related to the organization and participation in conferences and symposia at the Academy contains the following aspects:

  • organization and holding of international scientific, scientific-practical conferences, symposia, and seminars with international participation on the most pressing problems of medicine.
  • implementation of scientific work with international participation, preparation, and publication of abstracts of scientific works by both scientific and pedagogical staff and students of the Academy and presentation of such works at the local, regional, All-Ukrainian, and international levels.

The main tasks and promising areas of such scientific and research activity are:

  • planning, implementation, analysis of reporting on the results of basic and applied research and abstracts of conferences in the medical field according to the identified priority areas of research;
  • analysis, monitoring and coordination of all types of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activities in the country and abroad, (of the faculties, educational and scientific institutes, scientific institutions, postgraduate education institutions, etc.);
  • collection, analysis, and submission to reports and information on the results of scientific, scientific-technical, and innovative activities of the Academy;
  • creation of an academic database on promising areas of research in modern medical or pharmaceutical science;
  • preparation for publication of information publications on scientific achievements of scientists and students of the Academy;
  • organization of preparation for publication of articles, monographic literature on the problems of modern medicine in the context of modern scientific achievements.

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