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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"



Sexology is the study of all sexual manifestations of human, a science that gives a specific description of normal sexuality, as well as describes sexual deviations.

In its modern form, sexology has a progressive field for research, which uses methods from a number of disciplines, such as biology, psychology and even criminology.

It examines changes in sexuality in general and the development of human sexual contact, sexual techniques and sexual disorders.

It is very important for a sexologist to have deep knowledge in their profession, to maintain their high level, to periodically expand the range of skills and meet the current qualification requirements in their field.

UMA Academy of Postgraduate education invites you to take advanced training courses in “Sexology”.


Advanced training course in the field of “Sexology” takes place on the basis of the Academy, with mixed forms of education (full-time education and external form of education). Classes take place on an individual schedule.

Teaching can be offline or online (it depends on you). The course includes lectures, practical classes, working in small groups. The assessment of your knowledge is executing by checking written assignments, research work or a report. Practical classes and an individual work are also provided by the educational process. The classes are aimed at ensuring that doctors carefully study the relevant topics, getting, basic and special skills. The teaching process is combined with a highly specialized workflow.

The entire training base is also available for distance learning. You can get all the necessary material in an electronic form immediately after payment for the studying. Online listeners use audio and video conferences, text chat, groups for discussions etc.

At the end of the course every member passes the exam, which contains a number of questions from the processed material on sexology.


After successful completion of all certification works, listeners get a certificate and the supplement of the established sample to it. Flexible and hierarchical courses will allow you to improve your skills and gain additional knowledge by a doctor with different experience and professional level.


Report your e-mail and we will send it to you.


Your profile:

  • You have successfully obtained a full medical education in Ukraine
  • You are committed to teamwork and individually as well
  • You are interested in studying, teaching and researches.

For taking a part in the course you have to submit such documents:

  • Written statement
  • Copy of passport
  • Copies of diplomas and other documents which giving you the right to hold a specific medical position

All the questions about the organization of the educational process and the final cost of the course in sexology can be set right now, you can just call the hotline number.

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