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Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Department of Health "Ukrainian Medical Assembly"


Cardiology as a specialty

Cardiology as a scientific discipline deals with cardiovascular diseases, their prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Cardiac pathologies can be both congenital and acquired. The latter, in turn, can develop into primary heart disease or manifest themselves as a result of infectious diseases and diseases of other organs. The high proportion of cardiac pathology in the structure of mortality, the long-term increase in morbidity and significant rejuvenation of the disease make this specialty one of the most important sections of health care. More and more attention is paid to prevention, new methods of diagnosis and therapy are being actively developed.

The cardiologist deals with all diseases of the cardiovascular system. The development of the industry was facilitated by the emergence of narrower specializations in this area – cardiac surgery, arrhythmology, phlebology and others. They are united by common approaches to diagnosis, which is impossible without a comprehensive study of the whole organism. Treatment includes a wide range of medical, technological and surgical methods.

The most common symptoms of heart disease are:

–  aching pain in the heart;

– rapid heartbeat;

– heart failure (permanent or intermittent);

– shortness of breath;

– swelling of the legs;

– bluish or purplish color of the skin and mucosa;

– general weakness, fatigue;

– dizziness, headache;

– impaired vision, coordination of movements.

The work of a cardiologist is aimed at determining the factors of development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Instrumental and laboratory research methods are used to diagnose cardiovascular diseases. This approach meets international standards, allows for individual analysis of risk factors, select the right treatment and provide recommendations for prevention.


The training base of the Academy allows to take a refresher course for cardiologists in full-time and distance learning according to an individual schedule.

Teaching is carried out both in person and online. The curriculum of the course contains lectures, practical classes and work in small groups. Students perform control written tasks, prepare scientific papers or reports. This range of works is evaluated by the teachers of the Academy and speaks of the overall success of the student who takes this course. The curriculum also includes practical classes and independent work. Classes are aimed at ensuring that cardiologists carefully study the relevant topics in cardiology, while gaining basic and special skills. Teaching takes place in combination with a highly specialized workflow.

Training materials can be provided electronically if desired, immediately after tuition. Students who choose to study online use audio and video conferencing, text chat, discussion groups.

At the end of the course, each participant must take an exam, which contains a number of questions from the material passed.

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of all certification works, students receive a certificate and an appendix to it of the established sample. The flexibility and hierarchy of the courses will allow you to improve your skills and gain additional knowledge by a doctor with different work experience and professional level.


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Requirements for participants

Your profile:

– You have successfully completed a full medical education in Ukraine;

– You have desire to work in a team;

– You are interested in teaching and conducting medical research, drafting scientific proposals and justifications.

The following documents are submitted to participate in the course:

1) a written statement;

2) a copy of the passport;

3) copies of diplomas and other documents entitling to a particular medical specialty. You can ask questions about the organization of the educational process and the final cost of the course right now by calling the hotline number.

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